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All of our Jap car imports listed for sale in our classifieds are in the U.K. and ready to be bought.

We specialise in selling modified used cars, however we also list Jap import cars for sale. A lot of the car listings for imported Japanese Cars have already been modified, however you will find some which are still stock. A lot of our cars come straight from Japanese car classified sites such as carfromjapan.com.

Imported Japanese cars are ideal for tuning and modifying due to their easy to work on engines, and huge aftermarket support. Many Japanese car parts are identical to aftermarket parts sold in the UK so can be acquired easily, making these import tuner cars ideal purchases.

View our car listings below to view all of the Japanese imported cars which are currently for sale.

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There are a selection of quality Japanese Imported Car Specialists selling imported Japanese cars across the UK. At Modified Autos we have a wide range of Japanese imported cars from dealers across the UK listed on our site.

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Why Buy A Japanese Import Car?

When you talk about JDM you are talking about the Japanese powerhouses of Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Nissan & Mitsubishi. In truth, the simplest definition of JDM boils down to mean Japanese Domestic Market. However JDM, and the culture that follows has evolved into a scene of it’s own.

Japanese cars came to popularity in the West due to a mixture of their refreshing style and reliability. In the 1970’s & 80’s when you compared Japanese cars to European powerhouses such as BMW & Mercedes, there was an overwhelming sleekness to their aesthetics. While Mercedes optimised class and power with their long, boxy chassis and bodies, Honda and the rest were producing sleek and smooth looking cars. Japanese cars at that time looked like they could cut right through the air.

The pure ease to work on them is another main reason tuners and car builders favoured JDM cars over their European and US counterparts, and has fed down to the modified car culture. The engines were easy to maintain with low cost parts and easy accessibility to most parts. More importantly this led to them being easy to modify.

In the early 2000’s Japanese car culture was fed massively by The Fast and Furious franchise. The huge spoilers, bodykits and neon found on the cars of the franchise brought modified JDM cars out from the underground car culture, and into the public eye. Looking to Japan to import cars and find those rare aftermarket pieces soon became the norm.
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