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Modified Autos is the best solution to target your car sale towards other modified car enthusiasts looking to buy. Be in total control of your car sale.

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Sell Your Modified Car

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Why Sell With Us?

When you create your car advert on Modified Autos, it will stay active and visible until your car sells.

We have thousands of potential buyers every day looking for their next used car. Every buyer who views your car advert is specifically looking to purchase a modified car.

Did we also mention it is 100% free to create your car advert.

Click the button below to get started. It takes less than 2 minutes!

How To Sell Your Modified Car

Step 1

Click the “Sell Your Car” Button in the heading bar.
How To Sell My Used Car

Step 2

Fill in your car details and upload images of your car.
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Step 3

Create your free Modified Autos account and submit your advert.
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Create Your Free Advert

It’ll take you less than 2 minutes to create your free advert. Plus your advert stays active until you sell your car!

If you are looking to sell your modified car you’ve come to the right place. Selling with us is free!

Get started by creating a free account, and then list your car in under 2 minutes. It really  is that simple! Head over to our add a car page to start selling your car.

You can sell your car with us whether your car is heavily modified, or has a couple of small exterior aftermarket parts. We have buyers who are looking to purchase completely overhauled cars, and buyers looking to start new projects!

Creating your used car listing as a private seller is the easiest way to advertise your car for sale. You can upload up to 5 pictures, and list all the information a buyer would need to know.

Your best bet is to list all modifications you have carried out. And any technical specs you include will help our buyers filter our car listings, increasing the chance for your ad to be seen!

If you are looking to sell multiple modified cars then upgrading to a free dealer account will be best.

With a dealer account you get to upload up to 20 car listings. If 20 cars isn’t enough, and you have higher volume please get in touch and we will manually review your account.

You also get the added benefit of uploading more pictures for each listing. And you get your dealer information, including logo, email and address on the listing page. This allows buyers to instantly recognise your brand throughout our listings.

Upgrading is free and takes less than 30 seconds.

You can manage your free listings with ease from your dashboard.

Simply visit your dashboard by clicking the user icon in top right corner, and select your listing. From there you will be taken to our edit listing page, where you can upload new photos, change your price and change the description.

We aim to make selling your modified car as easy as it can possibly be. Manage your advert with ease!

Our Tips For Selling Your Modified Car

Fix minor issues

Ensure it's clean

Collate all paperwork

Making your car as attractive and presentable as possible, is the best way to ensure a quick car sale!

If your car is a little tatty with a few dings or scratches, it may well pay off to fix these small issues. This will show buyers that you have cared for and looked after your car.

If you don’t tidy your car up, buyers may think you haven’t looked after your car well during your ownership. They may well think, “If he has left scratches in place then what else hasn’t been looked after well”.

Making a great impression with your buyer by showing them you cared for you car will pay off in the long run!

Making sure your car is clean before anybody comes to view it should be your number 1 priority. It is the easiest thing you can do to positively affect the value of your car.

You can go to any auto store and buy all the cleaning products you will need for £20. Or if you simply don’t have the time to do so you can get your car professionally valeted for under £100.

Valeting your car inside and out before you sell it can add upwards of £200 to the price you’ll receive. On top of this it shows any potential buyers that you car for and look after your car. This alone builds confidence in you as a seller.

One of the top questions any buyer will ask, is to see the car’s MOT history, service history and ownership documents. In fact it’s one of the top priorities on our “Buying guide”.

Buyers want confidence in the car they are buying, and the best way to create that is to show them as much of the car’s history as you can. Every thing from the service history including where it was service. Receipts from any fixes you have made, and previous years MOT certificates are key.

If you have modified your car, then receipts are even more vital to prove the quality of the parts installed, and the age of the modifications. After all a racing clutch is no benefit to a buyer if it was fitted 90,000 miles ago!